Fitness Yoga Wheel

  • $45.00

Enhance your warm ups and workouts with the highly versatile and portable Yoga Wheel - a great fitness and stretching tool to assist you with backbends, yoga poses and more! Multiple applications include but are not limited to: achieving deeper spinal stretches, improving core strength, opening your shoulders and chest, improving flexibility and balance, challenging yourself with new wheel poses and performing general back stretches.
Industry standard sized wheel features outer foam layer for comfort and grip - recommended for users 5 to 6 feet tall.
Durable plastic instruction provides the back support you need for spine stretches and it will not flex under your weight - capable of taking up to 500 pounds!
Sturdy yet light enough for easy portability, so you can take it to the gym, yoga studio, fitness center, or anywhere you go to exercise and keep fit.

Functionality: Fitness and stretching tool
13 Inches
Shipping Weight: 1400g